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I love it!!!

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sorry to let you down but i dont see anything impressive here!

| Everartz |

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Ya i love it too, i agree whit u everartz maybe it's not very impressive but i just simply love it

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Impressive outdoor.

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I still haven't figured out if it's brilliant or boring.... I'll be back.

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Sophia Lambadaridis
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I love it. It evokes the right amount of curiosity for further investigation to occur.

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Guess you've got a point there mrs with the beautiful name...

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Hmm. Paper, pullable at head-height? How many nanoseconds did this single-instance ad actually stay up?

Maybe we should ask the... copywriter... on the project, who doubtless had a lot of standing around to do on this one.

Harsh I know. It's a good idea. But entirely impractical - if it wasn't kids that doomed this it would be the weather. The only thing this is selling is Agency Ego, and it's long past time these darlings were fitted with an auto-abort button.

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DAMN you've nailed it down again CP. How come you're so razorsharp on a friggin' monday? Tell me your dark secret!

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I'm happy to say that we thought for a few nanoseconds longer than you did.

We made the croissant with a special kind of polyethylene or PVC if you will, which was flexible yet durable. Then we printed the visual and stuck it on. The whole thing was screwed directly onto the billboard. We chose this spot because it's a busy intersection in the center of Amsterdam. And the small fence you see in the background goes all the way around the billboard keeping curious children safe.

Andrew Maaldrink, Copywriter, Y&R Not Just Film, Amsterdam

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Thanks Andrew; given the information provided, I thought for as long as needed. I do value the full background, too late and just in time to make me feel a bit stupid. And thanks for the nanosecond jibe, nice touch.

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very funny

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Kwaku The Cowboy
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Nice execution, ordinary idea.

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