Dallas Restaurant & Bar: The Bomb

Advertising Agency: Untitled, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Elliot Townson
Art Director: Devon Ripley
Copywriter: Elliot Townson
Published: February 2013


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Comparing your brand to Hitler. Nice move.

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I got it! It's a German brand - lets tell a Hitler joke. Good one Elliot.

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good copy.

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I'm not offended by this because can take a joke.

However, such a thing as tasteless.

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Like the product featured, this is just bad taste.

Unless this is a co-op, why waste the opp with this message? Every bar serves Jåger.

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Mmm let me see Jagerbomb... Jägermeister is German...German + bombs = WW2.. WW2 = Hitler, Got it! Jagerbomb = Hitler. It's 11.55 we should have this wrapped up before lunch lads.
Ok, it's in Singapore so to be fair almost nobody there is going to be sensitive about this, but I'm sure Untitled could have been smarter.

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