Craftsman: Sand paper, 3

Craftsman have strong hands. These posters, printed on sand paper, invite people to get the hands of a Craftsman by rubbing their hands on it.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Bob Winter
Associate Creative Directors: Gabo Curielcha, Chris Jansma
Art Director: Gabo Curielcha
Copywrtier: Chris Jansma


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I understand that they're talking to non-handymen that know little about tools, but why the hot pink treatment if theyre pitching masculinity?

AD feels off brand and off messaging.

ace85le's picture
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I think they tried to follow Craftsman's corporate colours.


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100% true.

ortizon's picture
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Sandpaper is mostly found in pink shades.

morse's picture
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I like the idea of the sand paper. Good.

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a hand of a real man is rough. this is the message. It could good with just one piece not a campaign of three. People can not see the appeal of the sandpaper.

ZeSheep's picture
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Stereoptyping to say the least

Muddy's picture
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Like it. American guys will do anything not to end up like one of the losers from "Glengarry Glenross".

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Really interesting approach. They probably couldn't get any more red, that would explain the pink.

krazy's picture
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Interesting :)

torontose's picture
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nice lay outing and color schemes

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