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Siddarth Basavaraj
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too sexy..

Love creating ads..

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Makes you look, then makes you look away. What on earth are those little guys doing?

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I'd say this fits perfectly with her brand. Yes, it's attention-getting. Yes, it may make some people want to look away after they look at it. Those are both hallmarks of her style. For those who find this off-putting, they aren't the target market.

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The ad delivers a lot of traffic in various media. I think it serve its purpose well.

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It must be so easy to work on the Lady Gaga "brand".

You just need to be a little bit strange.

Not in a David Lynch kind of way (where symbolism, colour and sound are actually meaningful)

It just needs to be inexplicable.

Oh, and it needs to suck.

Much like her uber crap music.

Can't rate this. It's probably exactly right for Lady Gaga. 8 points for being on brand. 0 points for idea.

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Nike Diesel
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I totally agree with you.

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Horrible ad, enjoyed reading what bate_palmas said tho :-)

when life gives you lemons make a lemonade stand.

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Gives nothing.

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