November 2008
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Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India
Creative Directors: Malvika Mehra, Amit Akali, Deepak Joshi
Art Director: Ravikumar/Sreejith
Copywriter: Manoj Jacob
Photographer: Asha Thadani
Typographers: PJ Shan Jose, Vipin Das, Ratheesh Erumeli

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actually, you don't need whom (or who) here. the line reads better without it. anyway the line clearly qualifies with the word 'those.'

anyway this is what has to say on the subject of who and whom:

Rule. Use the he/him method to decide which word is correct.
he = who
him = whom

Examples: Who/Whom wrote the letter?
He wrote the letter. Therefore, who is correct.
For who/whom should I vote?
Should I vote for him? Therefore, whom is correct.

would you do the same if it was your brand and your money?