Coors Light: Mountains

Electric Art’s Creative Director, Bruce Bigelow, said the creative team at Draftfcb Chicago approached them with a real technical challenge - to create a mountain range in 3D “that was so beautiful it felt like one of those days on the slopes that's crisp and cold, and the powder is 6' deep, but you could ski in a T-shirt". The most technically challenging part was that the range needed to have the ability to be "shot" from a variety of different angles. We started by sketching "hero" shapes in pencil for approval, then sculpting in high detail in 3D. The scene was painstakingly lit and snow materials made, then rendered at extreme hi-res. An enormous amount of detail, atmosphere and sky was then added in retouching to the already detailed 3d canvas using some techniques that were developed on the job. It was a brave decision by Coors and Draftfcb to try an unproved method and they were rewarded with great images that were well above the benchmark.”

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb Chicago, USA
SVP, Creative Director: Julio Desir
SVP, Creative Director: Howie Ronay
Senior Art Director: Rich Romero
Art Buyer: Lisa Bellis
Print Producer: Ami Walters
Account Director: Ben Feeney

Production: Electric Art
Creative Director: Bruce Bigelow
Producers: Tania Jaroudy, Yvonne Moxham
3D Artists: Rhys White, Damian Kozma, Rachael Dunk
Senior Retoucher: Innes Robins


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It's a nice picture, but couldn't they find a stock image or go and shoot it?

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Long story behind...?!


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Oh dear, Disastrous!

Especially when your competing in an industry with some of the most iconic advertising, this is just not even close to good or effective.

Cognito Ergo Sum

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What is with the massive story behind the advert? It just looks like a standard shot of some mountains to me?? And the advert is pretty erm ....meh. I will have forgotten all about it in about ten minutes.

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Sounds like a lot of money was spent to create something that I could have gotten for 5 credits on istock.
Here's an idea, howsabout you guys having an idea in the first place.

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am i missing something?
seems like Electric Arts is trying to justify a big bill they sent to Draft and Coors.

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"It was a brave decision by Coors and Draftfcb ... and they were rewarded with great images that were well above the benchmark.”

And then they slapped some nonsense a 4th grader could write over top of it in some monstrously bold type and called it a day.

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it makes me want to quit my job.

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Come on......

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Impressive for the most part, other than the fact that AOW isn't a venue for great technical abilities completely devoid of an idea. Besides, the cornice on that mountain range in the background has to be over 100 feet tall. That might happen with glaciers, but not with snow. A surprisingly technical example of something what wasn't correct from the start.

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I'm not understanding the long winded explanation for this ad. The shot doesn't look any better than a stock shot and the design is really bad. The type treatment is terrible as is the headline.

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There is nothing exceptional about this ad- I mean really, it looks like any other beverage ad to me. And what's with the building up of the mountains - they look good but any great photographer could have shot that.

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