Lights pedestrian

November 2016

You never know when you're going to find on the way someone or something unexpected. You got to have the best break technology tire that helps you to break on time until 4 meters before.

Advertising Agency: Vale Content, Mexico City, Mexico
Chief Creative Officer: Álvaro Zunini
Group Creative Director: Oscar Cuevas
Creative Director: Ricardo Montero
Art Directors: Marco Oseguera, Ismael Mora, Ricardo López
Copywriter: Marco Malako Martinez
Illustrator: Braulio Elizondo
Photographer: Miguel Palomo

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Words can't really do this ad justice. Simply awesome camera work.

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In all honesty, I didn’t know what this ad was for initially. It might be because I don’t know the brand or the logo, but after a nice google search I saw that it was for tires. My first guess is that the ad was for an app or phone or maybe something to do with a car but not necessarily tires. Once I finally googled the brand and figured out what it is I became a lot more appreciative of the ad. I love the way the lights from the car are going by from the camera exposure and I love how the guy is just continuing on with his day because the world isn’t stopping for him. The simplicity of the ad also grabs my eye because there isn’t much going on in the ad but what I gather from it is that their saying is “world in motion” and the ad has all this activity showing the car in motion and the guy making his way like nothing is happening. The more I analyze the image it becomes way cooler because it is a picture taken with a real camera and the quality really stands out especially if this was animated it wouldn’t have looked as good.

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i find this very cool