Comedy Central: Hallo Obama

Advertising Agency: Kempertrautmann, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Mathias Lamken
Art Directors: Ole Kleinhans, Simon Jasper Philipp
Copywriters: Mathias Lamken
Graphics: Simon Jasper Philipp
Group Account Director: Marny Bachmann
Account Executive: Constanze Frink
Released: July 2008


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English please.

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Українською, прошу..

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Ось що буває с тими, хто сердиться!

Zlyuk's picture
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Діаспору на едс фо зе ворлд організувати потрібно :) І вимагати публікації державною! :)

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Okay guys let me tell you: I could read it since my German is pretty solid. Well, you didn't miss too much. It's just about a rather weak pun. It was used when Obama recently visited Berlin to advertise an Comedy-TV-Station. I won't explain the joke because it's not that funny.

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I would still like to know.

Stasique's picture
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I don't understand this joke.

fs's picture
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it's even weaker: Achsel (armpit) sounds very much like Achse (axis, like in axis of evil). The weakest pun ever.

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Yeah, but don't forget: it was made by KemperTrautmann! So it's gonna win at the national ADC in Germany anyway. Even though it's a weak pun. Maybe they should send it in to the Guiness Book of World Records for the weakest pun in the world...

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whopp.. the submitter cud hav atleast changed it in2 English!! GROW UP!

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