Colorado State Patrol: Don't Lose Your Head

You can turn any car into a convertible
Tailgating a truck can turn any car into a convertible

Advertising Agency: Amélie Company, Denver, Colorado, USA
Creative Director: Gordy Hirsch
Art Directors: Gordy Hirsch, Paul Suggett
Copywriters: Paul Suggett
Retoucher: Armando Martinez
Illustration: Richard Feldman
Board Construction: Eye Candy Props
Published: August 2011


sweejin's picture
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So does the billboard peel back when you drive past or is it two billboards side by side?

Johnson.A's picture
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don't think its side by side~ notice the same patch of green and mountain view.

Blue Apple's picture
Blue Apple
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Right.. cool..

Robwanali's picture
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Very clever. But yes it will be interesting to now how the 1st part is made to be effective and not risk anyone not seeing it.

Lazarus's picture
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You don't even need the first board.

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5498 pencils

Spot on, Lazza.

Will Think for Salary

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Glut's picture
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that´s right. How does it switch?

That One Guy's picture
That One Guy
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come on guys. this isn't rocket science. they'll display the 1st billboard for a month or so. Then they'll replace it with the second billboard.

Fera Groove's picture
Fera Groove
201 pencils

Why don't they say it on a board/video or whatever? Isn't it communication? If so, it should be clear. Or you will be explaining it to every single one?

That One Guy's picture
That One Guy
266 pencils

i don't know what you are talking about.

Klinn's picture
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Seriously, it's not hard to figure out how they will use this board. Very well done.

baliquez's picture
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Good. Especially if the second billboard comes a mile later on the same road.

just Owen's picture
just Owen
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The next board will be a mile down the road, happens loads on those never ending roads in the states. Always nice to c when you've been sitting there for 8 hours.

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Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
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Over worked and over indulged idea.

The second billboard IS the idea.

The first is superfluous wank.

Simplicity, people.

Will Think for Salary

NicoCiego's picture
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Good one. The white texts are pretty hard to read though.

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