Colorado Department Of Transportation (CDOT): Rearview mirror

Some of you only use the rearview mirror to floss, so i wear a helmet.

Advertising Agency: Amélie Company, Denver, Colorado, USA
Creative Director: Paul Suggett
Art Director: Gordy Hirsch
Copywriter: Paul Suggett
Photographer: Dan Sidor
Designer: Garrett DeHeer
Published: June 2010


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sorry folks. not happening. somehow the punch is missing.

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i love the strategy for this campaign .. it plays two ways. an education for 2 wheelers and how ironically careless 4 wheelers are

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this has so much potential but falls way too short. the copy is incredibly weak.

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whom are they referring to? the car drivers?

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If I ride a bike, if I passed a motorcycle license test, i know all these things already - i don't need to be reminded of what i know, but don't care to exercise, for some reason or other. what i probably need is being jolted into caring enough to do it. i think this campaign is off-strategy.

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