Coca-Cola: The world wide machine

The first machine that accepts many currencies.

Advertising School: Miami ad school, Madrid, Spain
Art Directors: Sandra Silva, Erika Reyes
Copywriter: Gabriel Morais
Illustrator: Sandra Silva
Tutor: Ricardo Wolf


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Good. Now, let's get it working. I can hear the vending machines engineers' complains already.

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Awesome idea!
& I Don't like the dripping icky white stuff on the coins.

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I think it's fake.
The word "WORLD" has a typo.

Also, there's no information on the internet regarding this vending machine.
This website has lost all credibility to me.

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Student work. MIami Ad school.

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We have changed the word. Thank you for telling us.

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next time proof read it - twice & thrice.

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Is this a site to expose student work, or real work ?

I like this vending machine idea, it's really nice. But it's a student work, not a real one made by an agency for a client. Just imagine that a creative team has been working on the same idea for months ; they have struggled for it ; they are finally about to do it for their client, it is just a matter of weeks... And they suddenly see it on Adsoftheworld, done by students. Exposed to the whole world. They won't be able anymore to say "It's our idea". They will be told "you stole the idea to Miami Ad School students, you bastards". Not really a nice story.

So, please, stop showing student work, please. It is too easy to present great things when you don't have to do it for real.

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Ivan seems not to pay attention any more, specially those posts from zegi zegi ad agencies!! Not even a student work!

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