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Roger Keynes
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Dig it.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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It's funny but I doubt it sells.



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This is an old campaign. I remember seeing it on Best Ads On Tv long time ago.. That said, I don't see how one can man up drinking iced coffee..

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Like the basic idea but it seems off brand. The packaging, product, and product name doesn't seem to match the message at all. Even without that problem I think that more than a few hairs could have been added to say man up.

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Ron Burgundy
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This is cool on paper, but in the real world, i think it wouldn't get much attention other than people thinking somebody was trying to be clever with a sharpie one day, but stoked you got it from paper to client to print

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Same as the outdoor billboard campaign, it only works if you've seen both. Still like the idea though, it would stun me to see the change one day

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