Center for Autism: Two faces

Derek Paravicini. A man with autism.
Derek Paravicini. The piano virtuoso.
Autism has two faces.

Advertising Agency: Apohal, Slovenia
Creative Director: Tomaz Apohal
Art Director: Matija Primc
Copywriter: Tomaz Apohal
Photographer: Tomaz Planinsek
DTP: Marija Matijasec

September, 2010


prabhath's picture
60 pencils

I like the "tell the truth" path.
involvement of kid photographer with autism also a fantastic & on the spot thought.

Guest's picture

not sure this is a good ad.. they want to take our attention on that, but the concept isn't strong enough to catch us

Guest's picture

love the idea behind this one. it brings a positive spin to something we see negatively. good job guys.

angieraj's picture
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Loved the thought behind this.

Cognito Ergo Sum

Guest's picture

what's the thought? let's make a concert and raise money for some organisation?

Janae's picture
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really good job. this is not one these campaigns where you just feel sorry and they want
you to cry or feel guilty. this one shows the pride and the great talent.

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