CDOT: 24oz coffee

You drive holding a 24oz coffee, so i wear safety gear.

Advertising Agency: Amélie Company, Denver, Colorado, USA
Creative Director: Paul Suggett
Art Director: Gordy Hirsch
Copywriter: Paul Suggett
Photographer: Dan Sidor
Designer: Garrett DeHeer

June 2010


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Yes, I do drive like that. I'm sorry.....

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Sorry, but do all motorcyclists look like that? And what's with the background? It looks like wrapping paper...

bobby666's picture
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nothing great. should have been made more interesting.

Pedestrian's picture
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Boring art direction. Lame, repetitive copy.

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So all the rest of the campaign are completely weak. But this one would resonate with most of the motorcyclists I know

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poor safety gear...

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mala dirección de arte y textos.

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Shadow Ops
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The writer on these should be thrashed. LAZY. You were so close...all you needed to do was have some fun..punch up the consequence...wear gear/helmet?? could have made your lines sing...the art direction and design is great.

Let's keep advertising fun

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I wonder who are they talking to? Crazy car drivers? So you say "because of you, motorcyclist have to be precautious." What is the point? Drive your car responsibly so motorcyclist don't have to buy and wear these stuff? Shouldn't you tell motorcyclist to wear these stuff because of crazy car drivers? WTF?

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