Canon: Irritation

Off irritation. On Canon.
You can on.

Advertising Agency: Daehong Communications, Seoul, S.Korea
Art Director: Kim, Junghwa
Copywriter: Lee, Kikwan
Published: February 2008


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Patrick Mchugh ...

Interesting idea. I like it.

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Nice media usage.

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why "outdoor"?

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And hoiw long before the "clean" part starts to look like the "crumpled" part? I'm guessing about six hours.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Fake ass ad for a fake ass wannabee ad critique website. I really enjoy all the students who comment on fake work like this.

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Guest commenter

you guys are trying to kill trees!!!!!

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I thought it was a camera ad. but it turns (after seeing the next one) out to be a printer ad.

yeah, canon printers aren't bad, i have 1, but it takes forever to warm up (inkjet) then print...

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what the heck with the copy?? the idea is good, however copy sucks

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