Canon: Choir

When you take pictures with a cell phone any call could get in the way.
Canon. Photos well taken.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Mexico
Creative VP: Andres Martinez
General Creative Director: Leonardo Varela
Creative Directors: Svenja Euler, Oscar Cuevas
Account Director: Veronica Pugliese
Producer: Silvia Gómez
Account Supervisor: Myrna Peña
Photographer: Ale Burset / F16 Producciones
Postproducer: Diego Speroni / F16 Producciones


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Can't you switch off or mute calls on a mobile? I'm not sure if this is a good way to sell Canons.

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Yeah, not really feeling this too.

damnson's picture
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They turned an OK insight into a headline. Lazy.

An axe murderer of ads.

MindDrift's picture
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Exactly my thought. There is an insight here, but the headline is too literal.

jesuscamacho's picture
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Tell me what cellphone takes this pictures and I will buy it.

kleenex's picture
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An iPhone??? Fire Phone??

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