Burger King: Cheat

Cheat on beef with our new chicken burgers.
Book now #motelbk.

The Whopper TM is Burger King’s biggest selling burger. New Zealanders love it - they have done for twenty years. Burger King needed them to put that love to one side and try the new TenderCrispTM Chicken Burgers. So they opened Motel Burger King - a discreet location where people could cheat on beef.

To create Motel BK, Burger King have completely taken over an existing motel on Auckland’s North Shore. The beds in each room have been replaced with two booths and a table. The road front sign, toiletries, dressing gowns, slippers, stationery, towels and reception area have all been rebranded.

Rooms can be booked to try the new Honey & Soy, Mango Chilli and Lime, and Peri Peri TenderCrispTM Chicken Burgers by interacting with posts on Burger King’s Facebook page. If your booking is confirmed, you and three friends are assigned a room. When guests arrive they’re required to check into the motel through their Facebook account. Each guest is then incentivised to share photos of their 30 minute stay using the hashtag #motelBK.

Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, New Zealand
Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington
Creative Director: Levi Slavin
Creatives: Brett Colliver, Simon Vicars
Group Business Director: Victoria Graves
Planner: Neville Doyle

March 2014

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Burger King is suffering from an image issue as it is. Now you're going to make it sleazier and cheaper?

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