Buick: No pedestrian

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Shanghai, China
Chief Creative Officer: Norman Tan
Senior Creative Director: Qiang Zeng
Senior Copywriters: Cherry Wang, Willow Yang
Creative Group Head: Hans Han, Kidd Zhang
Senior Art Director: Zhenjiang Chen
Print Production Manager: Xiaowei Zhu
Senior Account Manager: Sue Lu
Chairman / CEO: Kitty Lun
English Copywriter: Jeremy Chia
Photographer: Yang Tan
Executive Producer: Johnson Tan
Producer: Ken Xie
Retouching Manager: Ming Ching Gan


hmias's picture
112 pencils

i really don't get these

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
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@ hmias,

In two words: drive carefully.

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Pete R.
1877 pencils


Art & Illustration

sacrilegend's picture
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A Cannes Lion for a first idea?...

damnson's picture
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Yeah, I feel the same. I don't get these at all.

An axe murderer of ads.

baliais's picture
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I think it should be: Do Not Cross
Anyway I like the whole set of ads

Adliber's picture
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Absolutely love the look of these. Have absolutely no idea what they're trying to tell me.

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
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@ Adliber,

In two words: drive carefully.

is's picture

Is trying to say NO PEDESTRIAN, look what happens to her after walk into a train rail.

kleenex's picture
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Concept is good.

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
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The more you look at it, the more powerful it becomes.

Tamerelsawi's picture

Drive carefully to a Train?? he should be facing the other side to ppl holding the train sign

Yro's picture
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There is this ad campaign with animals and traffic signs, but people didn't like it, that was to crazy.

Then another campaign appeared with people and traffic signs, and people said, WTF is this.

and now this amazing campaign with people and traffic sign, but this time its differently, they strip out some body parts and voilà a Cannes Lions winner.

The lesson: Less is more :)

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Simply strong.


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