Mountain degustation in the city

December 2009

A poster covered with sealed air bubbles invites polution plagued pedestrians to soak up the fine mountain air in the car-free mountain resort «Braunwald» (Switzerland). A campaign by «Braunwald Tourism» in all major cities in german-speaking Switzerland.

Outdoor advertisment created by BBDO, Switzerland for Braunwald Tourism, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: Wirz BBDO Network, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Hanspeter Schweizer
Art Director: Conny Jäger
Copywriter: Hanspeter Schweizer

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i just can remember the play station version.

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Activity Score 139

i like it!

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Activity Score 1145
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Activity Score 554

Why are some only concerned wit whether something has been done before? How about offering offering some constructive criticism instead?

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Activity Score 417

yep, maybe the resource has been used before, but we should focus on the idea behind this. in this case i must say that i don't like it


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Activity Score 16

Agree- I don't like it either.

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ooo the acne post from lucdesaulniers is excellent. it hits the idea way better than this does.

lucdesaulniers's picture
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Precisely my point. A guy in a bar drinking beer is not an object, but the concept of the "object", in this case popping bubbles and how the concept was use to reinforce the message.

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good visual appeal, but feel the concept of the air bubble is lame

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Ok, it´s done, but nothing is really new in advertising. Absolutly nothing.

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The idea to transport fresh air from the mountains into the city is brilliant. Of course bubbles have been used for all sort of nasty things but hey let’s face it who had the idea to fill them up with healthy air?!
10 points for this add: cool design, brilliant message and it works¨! Send some bubbles to my head office in N.Y. please!

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Minimi is right!

Great idea and hope to have these bubbles soon in Tokyo ! Arigato Switzerland

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i just can remember the play station version.