Braun: Thomas

Advertising Agency: BBDO Duesseldorf, Germany
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Toygar Bazarkaya
Copywriter / Art Director: Daniel Aykurt
Photographer: Ralf Gellert
Art Buyer: Birgit Paulat

June 2008


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Done before, certainly. Done better, I don't think so.

krautland's picture
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now this is looking like a rather brazen ripoff.

buzz's picture
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Visuels très intéréssants.
En ce moment les marques de rasoir sont très actives au niveau de leur communication.
Pour preuve, vous pouvez aussi découvrir la camapagne Web de PHILIPS sur

salvarredy's picture
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man, this work really rocks!
The pictures are great, really funny an beautiful,
the faces are incredible

Good work, congrats for the Gold!.

mikepants2005's picture
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This campaign falls down as:

1. It's the same execution 3 times.
2. Would guys really grow nasal hair that long, just to get them trimmed with a Braun nose trimmer?
3. They all look like old gaylords and not mafia.

The Hair restorer campaign works as:

1.It's not the same execution 3 times (Only 2 to be fair but could have easily have been 3)
2.I saw this ages ago so is more original.
3. It gives a clear product benefit. This product is so effective that anything you touch will grow hair.

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I still don't think this campaign is worth Gold. Then again what do you expect from Cannes, the 'Eurovision' of advertising!

Mr.Abc's picture
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Brilliant work. Very funny.

Don´t listen to all those jealous suckers around the world. They are sitting
in their dirty office, not able to do it better.

Enviousness is the highest form of tribute !!!

xxxx's picture
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nice work tho...but Cannes level drop already

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