Braun Nose Hair Trimmer: Norbert

Advertising Agency: BBDO Duesseldorf, Germany
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Toygar Bazarkaya
Copywriter / Art Director: Daniel Aykurt
Photographer: Ralf Gellert
Art Buyer: Birgit Paulat


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The visual is similar but the idea is different. And the Braun won a Cannes Lion 2008 Gold in outdoor. ;)

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i don't think that's better at all. shit's ghetto in comparison.

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This made me LOL

high five!

-- 9 out of 10 dentists agree that most people will believe any statistic you throw at them.

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excellent find.
you are right, these old ads are much clearer.

the one above is barely recognizable.

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mikepants2005, I think this is better... And the mafia-linkup is funny.

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I have no idea why or how, but this campaign won a gold lion.

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john doe
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Thanks. Exactly my thoughts...

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Very good execution.

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man, this work really rocks!
The pictures are great, really funny an beautiful,
the faces are incredible

Good work, congrats for the Gold!.

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This campaign falls down as:

1. It's the same execution 3 times.
2. Would guys really grow nasal hair that long, just to get them trimmed with a Braun nose trimmer?
3. They all look like old gaylords and not mafia.

The Hair restorer campaign works as:

1.It's not the same execution 3 times (Only 2 to be fair but could have easily have been 3)
2.I saw this ages ago so is more original.
3. It gives a clear product benefit. This product is so effective that anything you touch will grow hair.

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To me, this campaign is saying what happens if you DON'T use the Braun. As opposed to that you would grow your nose hair this long so that you CAN use the Braun.

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Bundy Agency
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did you have something to do with the hair restorer campaign,
if you did then i understand your frustration, but shit happens
if you didn't, then you can obviously see the product here is different and therefore the idea is different.
either way stop posting the same comment 3 times, its frustrating for the rest of us

in my opinion, this is some great work, its funny and gets the point across, of course no one is going to grow their nasal hair that long but thats why this works.

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No I have absolutely nothing to do with the hair restorer campaign.

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I still don't think this campaign is worth Gold. Then again what do you expect from Cannes, the 'Eurovision' of advertising!

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So, what is the Oscar of advertising?

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OneShow? I mean, if not Cannes.

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You really do seem rather frustrated mr Pants.

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Brilliant work. Very funny.
Don´t listen to all those jealous motherfuckers around the world. They are sitting
in their dirty office, not able to do it better.

Enviousness is the highest form of tribute !!!

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Mtl Dave
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I like the 'campaign' (or ads)

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