Bratislava Zoo: Leopard

Come visit their luckier relatives.

Advertising Agency: Jandl, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creative Director: Pavel Fuksa
Art Director: Ivan Holic
Copywriter: Karol Thiry
Assoc Creative Director: Eugen Suman
Account manager: Martin Janik
Published: September 2012


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sorry guys. great TV ads, print is creative masturbation.

Theyre funny, but really 90% of people that are interested in seeing exotic animals, arent going to consider visual puns regarding their slaughter and manufacturing strong brand positioning....

it is a laugh. but its the equivalent of a racist joke. Nobody wins.

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very well said

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Black Hour
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It's probably for people who never go to the zoo or don't care about the animal cause as much as others.
I think the joke might work in this case.

Anne's picture
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I don't think it creates the emotion it should.

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I like the concept.

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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Love creating ads..

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Creativity isn't enough in advertising. The real purpose of advertising is, in the end, to help the client make more money. This ad doesn't make me want to visit the zoo at all. If you can't be creative AND effective, then you'll probably fail.

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Milan Solanki
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A lot of people have already said it. If you have to be disgraceful towards the cause just to garner attention, you are failing at your job. Cool concept but just doesn't work for this client.

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take Ad as an Ad ... good concept though OO_OO

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