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How people will understand it? by unwrapping it?

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Yes and every single unit got unwrapped. Which we counted on. ;)

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How are people meant to get the gag.

If I saw this wrapped I would just think it was a really weak ambient. I wouldn't unwrap it.

Unwrapped it's just another boring translite ad.

How many people are actually going to be exposed to the unwrapping? Like 3?

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what the f*ke?

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Klara K.
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It looks great and christmasy and I get the idea. But it doesn't have that "wow" moment - vast majority of people see it either wrapped or unwrapped, not both. And if they see them both, they might not make the connection that they belong together.

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This is great!!... Using human curiosity to and to the word of mouth. I would of love or still would like to see a stop-motion or sped up hidden camera on these billboards... Just one way to increase the impact of the promo and turn it into a viral hit.

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Yes it did work. People did understand. I think I need to be clearer about the whole campaign. Of course we had an local online campaign together with a competion on Facebook. We had christmas-gifts hidden all over the city. And released a clue where the "treasures" were hidden, one at a time. And the online-banner unwrapped itself. Whe had lots of Santas delivering folders to bystanders and so on... So believe me it did work! Karlstad is a rather small town so a campaign like this get noticed.

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Lisbon freak
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Ouch. Not sure at all.

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