Boost: Dog

Boost does to tiredness what dogs do to lamposts. #boostism

Advertising Agency: Big Communications, UK
Executive Creative Director: Dylan Bogg
Copywriter: Josh Pearce
Creative Group Head / Copywriter: James Cross
Creative Group Head / Art Director: Tim Jones
Client Team Director: Chris Walker
Agency Producer: June Hacker
Photographer: Gary Salter
Designer: Duncan Bancroft
Account manager: Amelia Smith

April 2013


Seldoon Eeffoc's picture
Seldoon Eeffoc
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I don't think this will make people want to buy Boost. When I read the headline all I can think of is a dog either wrapping up a telephone pole with its leash, or peeing on it. Neither option sounds appealing when I think of an energy drink. Stick with the other versions of the ad I'd say.

advertising ninja's picture
advertising ninja
609 pencils

it will make young people curious about BOOST. its quite a simple message, in the provocative youth language. no need to overanalyze. boost pees on tiredness.

eins-eins-null's picture
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i absolutely agree with seldoon. you can't mention piss when trying to sell energy drinks. thinking about it, you should never mention piss in advertising. that always seems like someone is desperately trying to be funny. breaking "taboos" instead of developing ideas.

andylefty's picture
4535 pencils

This one doesn't seem to work.

luigi_cirelli's picture
11 pencils

an ideal urban context might apply to it, where the target consumer might get a laughter, despite these energy drinks being damaging to the teeth's enamel.
it definitely applies to certain neighborhoods, surely near clubs or pubs areas.

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