BMW: Translation

Bayerishe motoren werke. German for Best Man Wins.
Find yours at Park Shore BMW.

Park Shore is located in an Auto Mall along with all its competitors and sought to differentiate itself from the pack. So Transit Shelter Ads were bought along the road that leads to the Auto Mall to remind what BMW really stands for.

Advertising Agency: concerto, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director / Copywriter: Craig Redmond
Art Director: Alexis Kernaghan
Other additional credits: Peter Irving

October 2009


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hahahaha great

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found in translation!!! haha. lovely.

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yes I do agree.....

I love it...

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Idea is good, but a question about the media.

Does someone who is in the market for a brand new car take the bus?

If not then why is this ad on a bus shelter?

If I am driving to the AutoMall then I won't be able to see/read this small ad - maybe a 48 sheet would have been better?

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