Blush Lingerie: Jump Start

In the coldest winter since decades blush Berlin offers a "jump start" to passer-bys to warm up frozen emotions with hot lingerie. The poster is an original work of art on a big street in the midst of Berlin. See also the the making of film:

Advertising Agency: glow, Berlin, Germany
Copywriter: Attila Föglein
Creative Director: Johannes Krempl
Photographer: Chris Hodbod
Artist: Lea Brousse


Lazarus's picture
1538 pencils

Nice art. But I feel unsatisfied.

Sdb's picture
1364 pencils

Wats so interesting about it?

Yarp's picture
387 pencils

Kinda wish that it actually did something...spark, electrify something, emit heat...

manumartin5's picture
1202 pencils

its a good outdoor if looked closely.. it will not be visible from far.

supergrasshopper's picture
6 pencils

Great, something I haven't seen before.

Glut's picture
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What´s so nice?

cracker66's picture
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i think it is ok - and at least it is no fake.. i walked past it some days ago.

maesepedro's picture
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like it. it's beautiful, different and it's for lingerie without showing a hot model (which is fine but it's the category cliche). what more can you ask for?

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