Blend-a-med: Smiling Monuments

According to surveys, Poles are one of the least smiling nations in the world. Together with Blend-a-Med we decided to make people smile more often. To achive our goal, we changed faces of famous Polish monuments. Smiles of stone statues attracted people's smiles. That's how Blend-a-Med proved that smile changes everything.

Advertising Agency: Isobar, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Maciej Nowicki
Art Director: Jacek Gierlasiński
Copywriters: Marta Hermanowicz, Konrad Słonecki
Account Director: Teresa Szabłowska
Additional credits: Bartosz Morawski, Anna Wydro, Anna Caban

August 2013


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3 pencils

That's cool. Great touchpoints, great idea and better execution!

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3 pencils

cool story, bro!

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Czesław88's picture
4 pencils

Clever and really impressive campaign. Congrats!

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41064 pencils

Cute idea,

Paulina Kawecka's picture
Paulina Kawecka
3 pencils

Wow. Such a nice piece of work.

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Amanda Pool
3 pencils

I'm impressed. Can you do the same in UK, please?

Konrad Słonecki's picture
Konrad Słonecki
3 pencils

We would love to do it. :)

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45 pencils

According to this case history, Poles when smiling look like Asians.

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28 pencils

Nice app idea, and overall concept, but Asians (mentioned above), and saying "We, The Poles" with british accent doesn't really fit, nieprawdaż?

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