Fridge, 1

May 2008
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What is a side-by-side fridge good for, if you can’t afford to fill it after you’ve bought it.

Advertising Agency: BDDP & Fils, Paris, France
Creative Director: Guillaume Chifflot
Art Director: David Derouet
Copywriter: Emmanuel de Dieuleveult
Photographer: Laurence & Renaud

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no the translation is good, "un frigo américain" refers to the fridge being big, not to it being of american make (you know, the double door fridges). which is what the idea is all about, what good is buying a big fridge if you don't have enough money left to fill it? Their product is also an american fridge, just less expensive than regular ones. As for the word fridge, it is the exact translation for the french word "frigo", both of them being slang for refrigerator, which in french is "refrigérateur".