Beck's: Nature

100 kilograms of live moss were shaped into graphic elements that symbolize Beck’s brand ingredients - young, free, open-minded, innovative and trend-setting, and then installed consecutively on a 5x9m OOH, thus gradually forming a shape of a bottle and delivering the message.


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Really striking.
I've been waiting for a brand to use moss graffiti since I stumbled upon the art form last year (have other brands used this?).
The final piece doesn't look very impressive but the build up to it is very nice.

But are natural ingredients really much of a selling point for cheap larger?


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McDonald's made it and have been rewarded for this :

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Nike Diesel
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Yes, they did.
And they also did this one which is a bit older:

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Jim Bowes
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Great use of natural media by McDonalds but neither were made with moss which still makes the Beck's campaign unique. I also don't think the plants were "set free" back into nature. Coca Cola also did one and I know that Curb Media produced a billboard using flowers and plants in London. All good signs that natural media is beginning to become an accepted media technique. Hats off to advertisers that think beyond the boundaries of traditional out of home advertising! Having balls get's eyeballs!

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