BBC Scotland: Scotland's History, 3

Advertising Agency: Family, Edinburgh, UK
Creative Directors: Kevin Bird
Art Director: Kevin Bird
Photographer: Simple Photography
Retoucher: Simple Photography
Copywriter: David Isaac

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he history really sucks and the ad is very

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primera y muy mala idea

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Disco Munky
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Way-Hey!! Kilt Pins!! Because THAT"s what Scotland's all about?

Here's a quid. Buy a clue.


"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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Wow, these are bad.

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punda mayanga. thevudia payan

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que cagada

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Why are kiltpins a unique experience of Scotland?

Surely there a tired, obvious and cliched stereotype of Scotland?

A dull, unimaginative solution to represent Scottish culture.

These creatives have obviously picked the first and most obvious thing about Scottish stereotypes and made a typically formulaic construct and boring visual.

It's lazy, doesn't work at all with the headline and will wash over everyone who sees it in amongst the usual Scottish tat that gets peddled to all and sundry. This belongs with oor wullie hats and furry haggis toys. Clearly a placement team or something thats done this. (no offence to placement teams, but wait 'til you get some good stuff before posting it on AOTW) Don't show it to the client for god's sake.

We're going to need more lube.

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Srivatss N Iyer
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i liked this ad. quite good

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