Barmer Gek: Fat Posters, 5

People eat too much fat. Barmer Gek health insurance asked us to make people aware of how much fat their food contains. So we created posters made out of fat. We extracted the fat from popular dishes and designed posters with it. The fat of one product for one poster – no more, no less. In a complex chemical process, we extracted the fat from five different dishes and airbrushed it on white paper. The result: five fat posters.


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what a lovely thing.

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What a great set of ads.

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wow! ok so the added are printed with actual fat?....cos thats amazingly clever and thought provoking!

groovy baby!

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The creative idea is very nice, the implementation very complicated and certainly expensive, but mostly I wonder what degree of influence has had a communication campaign on people. I think the message is very light and very incisive. That might be better to say that to dispose of 30 grams of fat you have to do two hours of physical activity and fat does not go away within a month.

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This rocks, I think I am falling in love with Serviceplan.

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the next year's Cannes winner

have a nice day

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i understand its message but i feel like the font makes me want to eat that cake rather than not.

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liked the typo

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