Barmer Gek: Fat Posters, 1

People eat too much fat. Barmer Gek health insurance asked us to make people aware of how much fat their food contains. So we created posters made out of fat. We extracted the fat from popular dishes and designed posters with it. The fat of one product for one poster – no more, no less. In a complex chemical process, we extracted the fat from five different dishes and airbrushed it on white paper. The result: five fat posters.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Executive Creative Director: Maik Kaehler
Creative Director: Christoph Nann
Copywriter: Andreas Schriewer
Art Director: Roman Becker
Design: Felix von Pless
Account Manager: Ines Herbold
Producer: Bianca Schreck
Programmer: Steffen Knoblich

September, 2012


manumartin5's picture
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Cooooooooool...!!! Very inventive. :)

fractalrene's picture
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cool. I like the thinking and the process of making them sounds fascinating.
on the other side, I think they are 'too pretty', the shocking effect gets a little soft.

raynold's picture
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nice.. innovative

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