BabyLove: Living Room

No angry spells when baby sleeps well.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: David Sin
Copywriters: Low Pooi Yeng, Lee Weng Onn
Art Directors: Phoecus Lee, Tio Tit Seng, Jack Goh
Photographer: Gan, Lim Sok Lin / Studio D L
Retouchers: Simon, Billie How, Azoe Azahir / Studio D L
Designers: Phoecus Lee, Tio Tit Seng, Jack Goh
3D Production: Cue Art

October 2012


Anoniemus's picture
16 pencils

Ripped off!! Cannes gold 2012, check it:

mattndan's picture
953 pencils

just because it's a monster doesn't make it the same idea

etome's picture
246 pencils

in this case it does

jsptrck404's picture
437 pencils doesn't. the concepts are completely different.

| think small |

ivethelloween's picture
27 pencils

Not really the same idea, I think.

gioborde's picture
1387 pencils

It's completly different. I think you didn't understand one or the other


jsptrck404's picture
437 pencils

nonsense. do you even know what the concept is? for either? because they're completely different.

| think small |

DesignDine's picture
1313 pencils

From wherever it is from, it is an awesome work!

ivethelloween's picture
27 pencils

I still look that way when I can´t rest properly. Nice idea and art direction, very well done.

Victorious's picture
95 pencils

So now dinosaurs can't be used anywhere because McDonald's did? You need to be more open minded. This is a good ad.

jsptrck404's picture
437 pencils

no doubt. there are a whole lot of people on this site who confuse technique/execution with concept. pretty sad for a site dedicated to ad folk.

| think small |

kleenex's picture
41102 pencils

I say the ad works...

CreativeNinja's picture
133 pencils

Not the same idea? Come on guys, how can you say that. It´s exactly the same idea, different product, different graphic, same idea.

Cool illustration thou...

ajx's picture
116 pencils

They could've waited till next year. Copycats.

deja fuck

Anoniemus's picture
16 pencils

The idea is using monsters to show wild/unruly kids.That's exactly the same as the McDonald's work. If you can't see that, maybe advertising isn't the right place for you.

certaintly's picture
3994 pencils

exactly, it's the same idea but just with a different product. whereas with McDonald it was hunger that could satisfy a monstrous child, here it's sleep.

*edit: actually nevermind, it's not the same idea. I just looked at the McDonalds ad again. In the McD ad, the kid is ALWAYS a monster. They're using the insight that parents drop off their monstrous kids off at other parents' houses to 'get a break from their problem'

in this one, the insight is as nice. the mix-up comes from the similarity and the same execution

anti-vedel's picture
89 pencils

Nice art

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