AXA Bank & Insurance: House of cards

Choose stability.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson
Art Director: Tommy Jadot
Copywriter: Lionel Martin
Other additional credits: Christ Lannoy
Released: February 2009


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por fin algo q no es trucho.

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Good creativity media BUT it give me the feeling that this 4% offer is just totally unstable and that i shouldn't trust AXA.

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Don't ever trust any investment with AXA as it is my opinion that you will loose your money as I did over 51 years. They will steal it over a long period of time.

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its funny to look at the pictures and find that there isnt absolutely anybody not even looking at the ad.

made think if the cost to build this was worth it...

anyhow, its very nice executed...

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well put. good lord, take a fucking class in english

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this is the internet. it's not limited to english speaking countries, moron.

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Yes. He's a "limited to english speaking moron".

By the way, "Dear Guest Commenter", remember that approximately 375 million people speak English as their first language. 375 million out of 6076 million people on earth. 1 out of 16. Wake up!

Je présume que cet abruti ne comprend que l'Anglais. Contrairement à la plupart des gens ayant une autre langue maternelle, et qui comprennent AUSSI l'Anglais! Les gens différents doivent lui faire peur! Grrrr!

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lol.. Quebec huh ? :D

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talvez eu deva falar somente em português para que imbecis como você não me entendam.

ou melhor: tente falar em português e acertar metade do que eu acerto falando inglês...

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missed my turn
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Yeah, this reads to me as unstable.

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wow!.. excelente!

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that scares me, thus making it awesome. can't read the ad though. could we get a shot of that?

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seems like an unstable bank

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great! not

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banks are trying in all ways to tell people that they are not screwed with the world's economic crisis, but i think otherwise, probably this "statue looking like" media is nice but its not gonna change people's perception about the current situation with banks...

| Everartz |

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"To emphasize the stability of AXA bank and its interest rates, we made a house of cards..." That just says it all. House of cards are impressive because of their UNstability.

Someone had a funny idea, that should have been shot (the idea that is, the poor creative should live with the shame) before it left the paper.

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Agree, house of cards is a symbol of unstability. No matter how well it's done or mounted. What's worse it reminds me of some kind of financial pyramid I don't think AXA would like to be associated with. No matter how well looking is the installation, it's worsening the brand image.

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I have to agree with you both there. A very valid point. The idea here doen't seem to have been rally thought through...

And by the way, you better not use words like "mounted" aroud here. You're making Everartz get VERY excited. Look! He's got his pants down and bent over already!!! How disgusting!!

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Isn´t it called unstable like a cardhouse...?

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This has totally opposite effect - how a card house can be stable!?!?!? And it really looks like a pyramid, too.

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s b
t a i
l t y

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card houses are not stable >.<

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agree. still a card house and still a metaphor for unstable.

Makes it an even bigger waste of money, which is an even bigger mistake for a bank. fail.

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but this one is stable , no?

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I don't know anything about a house of cards, however I have an Investment Life Policy with first, Equitable and later AXA/Equitable after they merged, in force since 1958. Equitable Life Insurance Company was worth 90 Million U.S. Dollars at that time and now AXA/Equitable is worth almost 3 trillion U.S. Dollars today and my investment after 51 years is worth only 700 U.S. Dollars. I fell to understand how a company can become that wealthy over 51 years and a policy invester fail to earn a return on his investment and have a complete loss after the insurance company handled the investment the intire time and made all the allocations. None of these investments are stable and none are put in place to inrich the invester but to steal his money. The insurance is intact but when the invester gets old and becomes a pensioner he cant afford the premium and the insurance gets cancelled because of non payments and his beneficeries will not collect the insurance after his death. Don't ever buy investment Life Insurance as it is the worst investment available. It is my opinion that AXA's CEO Henri de Castries of France is a thieving son of a yellow surrendering coward of a father and cheats people out of their investments world wide. Douglas K. Weilburg 6875 Pah Rah Drive, Sparks Nevada 89436-9015 U.S.A. Email

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Five Catholic Nuns murdered in Monrovia, Liberia 1992. Gillette - Christine Gabon please contact me. AXA Protocol - Philippe Rondot French Agent suspected- JSP Air Field pictures aboard plane wanted. Pictures of General Morris Padmore if in existence needed. Did you witness murders? Douglas

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Christine Cabon / Frederique Bonlieu Cabone "Gillette" Please contact me again, and please in the usual way. Douglas

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