Aston Villa FC: Beware Of The Lions, 5

Advertising Agency: Plain English, Warwick, UK
Creative Director: Paul Brookes
Copywriter: Nigel Thomas
Photographer / Post Production: Martin Brent

June, 2012


chunkylover69's picture
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surprised they don't have one that says "kicks", "pretends to get hurt", and "complains".

very first level, if you ask me.

stickynotes's picture
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not a big fan. nice photos (sometimes) but that's about it. could have done more, having the players and the pitch.
the only line i like is "lethal" - I guess that's also their favorite as they used it twice.

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Football means nothing to me so the juvenile comments some have made on these ads just make the posters look like idiots.. sorry guys dont assume everyone knows what youre talking about or you'll just look stupid, maybe its just a man thing?

Subjectively I think this is good work, nice photography and if I was an Aston Villa supporter I'd imagine I would be pretty happy to see these about.

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I am a Villa fan and I like these, message is clear enough, layout i'm 89% happy with and photography is top drawer- good work.

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