Aston Villa FC: Beware Of The Lions, 2

Advertising Agency: Plain English, Warwick, UK
Creative Director: Paul Brookes
Copywriter: Nigel Thomas
Photographer / Post Production: Martin Brent
Published: June 2012


badhops's picture
33 pencils

These are bad. I can barely read the copy on this one.

Al Woods's picture
Al Woods
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Done, a lot, and in my opinion not done that well. The HDR style looks clumsy, the typography doesn't work and the words don't follow the same dynamic for me.

chisholm's picture
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I'm a Villa fan so I guess target audience, these have gone down well with the fans so job done. I'm also an art director and I like these. Chris Herd is a nutter, this is very much him in play so I get it. Beware Of The Lions- the campaign is obviously referencing lions (as per Villas rampant lion emblem) fearless, agile, cunning etc etc. Ok I'm biased being a fan but these arent difficult to work out..... Al Woods (above) clearly hasnt a clue what hdr is because these shots arent... there would be no shadow areas, this is great photography.

travisshoots's picture
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These could have been a lot better with proper photography... as is the imagery is poorly done player shots composited together even more poorly. nope.

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