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incredible photoshop artwork! :D

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Mamma mia!,
donde está mi pasta


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Is this a hand towel dispenser? If so, I would be very annoyed. Clever use of media though.

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Bundy Agency
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its a frame for outdoor, like you'd see at a tram or bus stop only this ones on a building.

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Neil Levy
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you know what's cool about this post to me, i love the fact that everyone who wrote a comment used their actual name. you guys are much, much classier as a result than 99% of the people who post on this site. because you're not afraid to write something (good or bad) and back it up. and when you don't like the ad, you write constructive things that aren't total garbage. so good on all of ya for doing it right. it's an honest way to live and work and it makes our business more legitimate when people have class.

be well,


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Neil Levy
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oh, and by the way, i also like this idea although i do agree with brandon that it might be a little troublesome if you went for a paper towel and got a pile of scraps. that said, it's still cool.

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Paul Eveleigh
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Obviously authentic Italian beats fraudulent Italian.

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