American Psycho / TV2: The perfect billboard

The Perfect Billboard. Eggshell white with romalian type. Nice. Raised lettering, a subtle 7 inch bone border, and just look at the tasteful thickness of the headline. All perched on four evenly spaced 3.2 metre powder coated stanchions. My god, it even has a watermark.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Director: Mike O'Sullivan
Art Director: Anthony Hatton
Copywriter: Robbie Brammall
Published: February 2008


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Love it. Absolutely love it. Nice humor, great writing based on the original script, and the most memorable scene in the movie.
Damn it, I want it in my book.

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OK, but who has time to read all the copy? people usualy just pass by, take a look, don't have the time to read. they want instant messages.

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Ten points for not getting it.

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Kind of cool, but advertising for advertising sake.

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i think this will only make sense to people in advertising/design. "Type, 7 inch border, headline thickness, powder coated stanchions, watermark." A very large percentage of the population would never understand this. Effective? I think not.

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People who have seen the movie, therefore the target audience for the show, will understand and appreciate the billboard. It conveys the absolute perfect tone that the movie and assumingly the show are shooting for.

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I have to agree that the copy is quite long for a billboard BUT! If you've ever read the book or seen the movie, that copy is right out of a great scene where they describe a business card

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I think it will make sense to anyone who has seen the original. I don't know what half of those b.s. facial products are that he was rambling about, but it's his psychotic attention to detail and his insane devotion to routine that allows everyone to realize how crazy he was. Not whether or not you know what an herb-mint facial mask is or what Romalian Type is.

Still don't know who will be able to read it all though. 7 seconds...

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I remember that "business card" scene in the film, too. But unless you have that prior knowledge, this board falls completely flat. Not a sound strategy. Very "inside" and doesn't have a lot of broad appeal.
And this doesn't look like a pedestrian-heavy location, either. Which begs the question, was this board effective at all?

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Here is the scene referenced:

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Fabian Kirner
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So... do I have to know the movie to understand the billboard which is meant to make me look the movie?

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Good point, technically yes. But in real life this poster would just become a subject of the conversation that would leave you to be interested.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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This is nice if you've seen the movie, meaningless if you haven't. It wouldn't make you want to see it if you hadn't already. Award juries will probably like it though.

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I disagree, it makes me want to see the movie, and I haven't yet.

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anyone who has seen or read american psycho will instantly get this reference, and probably want to tune in to watch the movie again on TV.

love it.

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I hadn't seen American Psycho but the billboard did appeal to me, so I guess it isn't entirely neccesary to see the film, though now I know the background of it I totally want to see it.
Guess it was effective.

But the copy is way too long.

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LOVE IT - you have to read the effing book retards

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Moe Hong

Fake smallcaps. Mrs Eaves, not "Romalian," which is a fictitious type that Ellis made up for the book. Missing a space between the hour and the "pm." "7 inch" should be hyphenated, as should "3.2 metre."

Also, the wordspacing is too tight, and the linespacing down at the bottom is definitely way too tight & inconsistent with the rest.

Almost, but not quite, the perfect billboard.

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