I have already died, Woman

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June 2012

Outdoor advertisment created by Publicis, Netherlands for ALS, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

I have already died

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Executive Creative Directors: Marcel Hartog, Jeroen Van Zwam
Copywriter: Marcel Hartog
Art Director: Jeroen Van Zwam
Designer: Dave Fransen

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This campaign scored Gold in Cannes... Awesome...

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dean viii
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Then Cannes just dropped a step.

Hadrons's picture
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it's should have won the platinum.


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Great one : )

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you guys must be kidding. there's 0% creativity in it.

dean viii's picture
dean viii
Activity Score 1686


MindDrift's picture
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It IS creative. It illustrates the incurable nature of LAS, and infuses you with instant guilt for not helping those people.
I think the TVC is more powerful though. It's more shocking.
At first you think you're watching testimonials of sick people, but at the end, you realize they're already dead and that it's too late to help.
Great campaign.

Check out the TVC here:

sacrilegend's picture
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Thanks for the link. Really puts this work into perspective -- and certainly makes it more poignant for me.

I think seeing the print ads on their own makes it seem as those these could just be models, reflecting a sad truth. Knowing that they're real is what makes it work.

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I admit on the face of it it doesn't seem creative at all. It's very powerful once you know the backstory. They were very creative in being resourceful with zero budget and raising awareness which resulted in the 500% increase in donations. Powerful stuff.

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i agree

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Mike Charbonneau
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I agree it's a very powerful campaign, especially once you're aware of the scope of it across television, print and the web, as the Dutch have seen it. I think perhaps the copy is a bit lost in the translation: "But not for me. I have already died." might sound better as "It's too late for me. I died on XX date."

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Fair enough Mike. Then it should've won only in the film category. Not in press/outdoor.

This is lame. Cannes sucks.

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It hasn't won in press or outdoor. It picked a gold in Direct and a silver in Media so far.