Adidas: Zero Tag

Advertising Agency: Lifelounge, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Daniel Pollock
Senior Art Director: David Ponce de Leon
Art Director: Dimitri Kalagas
Copywriter: Chris Cork
Outdoor Media: Adshell
Released: May 2008


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What an awful mess.

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It's worse than graffiti.


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With the tape it does look ugly.. I saw this in my town on a bus stop before and after the addition of the zero tolerance garbage, which looks to be vigilante work.. Definitely grabs attention and makes a connection with the hip hop / graffiti apprectiating sub culture


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david ogilvy
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Telling people something is bad to make it cool? I wouldn't treat the youth of today with such disdain.

and as I say in my book:

'no one wants to buy anything from a clown'

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The product line is Adidas Cope2, designed by the famous graffiti artist. Other than the joy of painting, graffiti artists paint for the rush, which they wouldnt get if it were legal, so they're assuming writers and people interested in graffiti will identify with that I'd say


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Cope2 has some ill designs, I know a lot of writers don't give him respect but he is an old school artist and deserves respect. I'm glad Cope2 can expand his passion to other parts of the world than just a wall or train. I give him mad respect. Zero Fag is just a bunch a rejects who could not make it in real law enforcement and want to feel they have some power of people so they do this because their a bunch of pricks. Still Free! Hx3 - Lrg Writer, Poof Da God, J Blaze, Bobby G, Frosty. Word Up to VGD for keeping the internet full of ill graphics: M-Clip, Opie, and Tight-Eyez

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