Adidas China: Volleyball

Impossible is nothing.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Sarawut Hengsawad
Copywriters: Sarawut Hengsawad, Nicky Zhang, Michelle Wu
Photgrapher: Mark Zibert
Illustrators: Luming, Lance Ma


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jason argonaut
28 pencils

Brilliant! If this is 70s imagine what you look like .... cave days.

EddieZhao210004's picture
68 pencils

Good concept. But frankly, I dont like those grey masses. They look like a group of hungry ghosts from hell.

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246 pencils

They should figure out a way to group ads on here so we can comment on a set. These ads make me feel like it is crowded in China. 2 cents.

kgeiger's picture
7163 pencils

I think Beijing is pretty crowded. And it'll be more so during the Olympics. 2 yuan.

Imabigdeal's picture
7 pencils

Not trying to be rude or anything, but it is crowded in China...

jiahsisco's picture
246 pencils

"Come visit beautiful China it is CROWDED." funny selling on a products weak points.

Can we get the ads grouped?

pmoniz's picture
35 pencils

this was done about 3 months ago in Portugal. Same idea, same execution

Quink's picture
234 pencils

Nice campaign. It's not fair to write it off and just say "it's been done". What they have done, is that they've done it better, and truly done justice to the idea. I think their execution was far more attractive than the rugby one.

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815 pencils

no wonder why the ad directed by lots of people... very nice

life is a playground

kai539's picture
244 pencils

background is a bit flat

Guest's picture

gr8888888888888888888 illlll

Memetic's picture
150 pencils

I think this series is good but this is the weakest

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