Adidas: All Day I Dream About Sneakers, Synth

All Day I Dream About Sneakers

Advertising Agency: Lifelounge, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Daniel Pollock
Associate Creative Director: David Ponce de Leon
Art Director: Dimitri Kalagas
Copywriter: Chris Cork
Designers: Dimitri Kalagas, Yolanda Collins, Michael Pham

September 2008


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what does the elements means??

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I wouldn't wear that

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wtf is this suppose to mean?

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old school sneaker fans will love this one. phantom limided edition. nice visuals.

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retards with no personality will wear these. i guess they are the tofu eating who have a disdain for people who eat big mac n fries! haha! as of the ads, Hmmm. undecided. i hate this one. ugly!

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nokia's music almighty!

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bhanchod yea ki kita ae???//

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wat is this?

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I guess the idea will appeal to the younger generation and old school break dancers... as for execution of the idea not that great!!! shadings & lighting seem to be out of place...


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Why are people so overly negative on this forum. Wow.

The ad is obviously celebrating Adidas' and its TRUE heritage in b.boy and street culture. The all day i dream about sneakers as apposed to sex is pretty cool as well, i like that.

The whole campaign is kinda Adidas fantasy, It has it place. Its not bad and does not deserve WTF or I wouldnt wear that because its not even supposed to be worn. Duh.

People who spoke about retards wearing this or I wouldn't wear that need to get a clue. LOL

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I agree with subandrio about the lighting tho, seems kind of here and there.

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what kind of a elemenr is it?

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כמה כסף?

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