Eye Contact Installation

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April 2011

BBDO & Autism Speaks - Kinect Interactive Ad


On behalf of Autism Speaks and The Ad Council, BBDO created a unique 3-D interactive installation, that brought to life the early indicators of autism. The installation featured a video of a little girl who exhibited key indicators of autism. Observers were able to directly affect her reactions through their own movements, as captured by a 3D camera. Once they stepped in front of the screen, it became clear from the girl's body language that she was not open to interaction as she averted her gaze. Additional signage informed the viewer that not making eye contact can be a sign of autism.

Outdoor advertisment created by BBDO, United States for Ad Council, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA

Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars

Executive Creative Director: Ronald Ng

Creative Director / Art Director: Tim Wettstein

Creative Direcor / Copywriter: Patrick Herold

Director of Creative Engineering: JD Michaels

Production Company: Grant Ave
Director: Marjo Tremblay

Director of Photography: Paul Blain

Executive Producer: Michael Ching

Visual Effects Company: Float Hybrid Entertainment

Visual Effects Director: John Gaeta

Digital Arts Supervisor: Peter Oberdorfer

Gesture Control Engineers: David Bennett, David Tim Nyo

Videographer: Dennis Liu

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tirthomitro's picture
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well... loses fizz after some time...

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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it's just simply great. really showing the problem. It can even give you that annoying feeling. just great.

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It may be the camera angle but this video doesn't show clearly how people's movements affected the girl's reactions. Seems to me she was averting her gaze, regardless of whether someone was moving or not. And I agree that after a while it does lose fizz.

Troy_the_pony's picture
Activity Score 3

Amazing piece. I think it shows it in a tasteful, subtle way. My niece has autism and avoiding eye contact is a problem. Great job!!!

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I love it.

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Activity Score 9

The way highlight the problem is amazing. Is there any counselling to the solution....?

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CriticalVoice's picture
Activity Score 165

Advertisement as an important message carrier. This is really good! But it is missing the last special.

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as an autistic person i am absolutely disgusted by this ad. i feel like a zoo animal watching this? all this does is take the image of an autistic child and make them into some sort of game. a real autistic child would find this highly distressing. lots of time and money has obviously been spent of this program that achieves nothing and that same time and money could have gone toward helping actual people living with autism. lack of eye contact is not a 'problem' to be fixed it is a part of who some autistic people are, parents and others need to learn to accept autistic children. autism is not an illness its a part of who we are. forced eye contact in childhood caused way more problems for me than it fixed. learn to be accommodating. it's practically a medical necessity in some cases, you wouldn't force someone with a nut allergy to eat peanuts so don't force an autistic child to look you in the eye.

PCDW's picture
Activity Score 2

Once again Autism $peaks and their ad agency helpers come up with a "less than" model of Autistic human beings. The "interaction" itself does not say anything important about actual autism.