Absolut: Lottery

Currently running in New York and Los Angeles, the numbers displayed change to show the winning combinations for upcoming drawings.
To give the creative more contextual relevance we placed the New York board alongside a traditional lotto billboard showing the upcoming jackpot amount.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Figliulo
Group Creative Director: Rob Smiley
Art Director: Dave Sakamoto
Copywriter: Jonathan Marshall
Retoucher: E-Graphics

November 2008


Amsterdam, The Netherlands's picture
Amsterdam, The ...

And do i win this amount in money or in bottles of Absolut Vodka? I like vodka! Send me a sample for research purposes please. Thank you.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands's picture
Amsterdam, The ...

Oh yeah, i like the ad as well! It's funny and creative.

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done millions of times by fortune cookies. haha, kidding. this is fun, and i'd like to see more like it from this brand.

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mr jealous

best thing i've seen all year

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Mikey likes it.

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This is my favorite Absolut ad.

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Crisp One
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I love Absolutes new campaign....it can go for-eve-r


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Absolut is one of my most favorite brands, ever! :)
But this changed strategy could bring them bad things and days. :(
They no more communicate the bottle shape, but the Absolut world.
See here --> http://absolutworld-bg.com/

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I wonder how many grannies copied the number and used in their next lottery game. I bet my grandma did.

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Absolut's site has got a forum where people could freely share their ideas on the theme:
In An Absolut World
You can even vote for their ideas some ideas are really wacky.. its really fun to visit ;)

I wonder if this campaign came from one of the ideas in the site

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Reaching new standards of excellence in “touchy feely” marketing???

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