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Meaningful idea but too much inspired by the work of Pei-San Ng

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Tommy G.
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Or make it burn fast

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Ron Burgundy
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could also work for divorce attorneys :]

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Could've at least given credits to the artist who first came up with the idea, because it's an exact copy of it:
Nothing original here, sorry mates!

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Hammad S
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I want to know- because everyone keeps commenting about it- is this site to address ads that are of PURE originality (which I don't think actually exists)? Meaning your idea came from nowhere. I like this, and I don't think ppl will care "who made it first". There's a lot of works out there where the "original" artist used someone else's or was inspired by someone else's....

But I feel there should be some more info.

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This is not to be an artist, but to make an ad with useful ideas. I had not seen this idea in advertising. Congrats.

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this is nice

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Hugo De Leoni
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Bacana Giannini!
Torço muito pelo sucesso da Loja!
Grande abraço.

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