91 FM: AMP Poster

91 Rock. Plug 'n' Play

Plug 'n' Play 91 rock radio is so rocker that we created the first amplifier poster ever. This poster is made with 16 mini speakers for you to play as much as you want.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil
Creative Directors: Mario D' Andrea, Fabio Miraglia, Roberto Fernandez
Art Directors: Fábio Santoro, Diego Lauton
Copywriter: Guilherme Nesti
Photographer: Régis Fernandez
Electronic Producer: João Marques

March 2011


nerio's picture
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this is all kinds of awesome... but I wonder how many people walk around with guitars and plug in to play...

kleenex's picture
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I agree. And how many people who tried it really suck on the guitar.

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I think they announce by a radio campaign: come with your guitar and play in location X, Y, Z... Or just saw the ad and next day come with the guitar.

Galo's picture
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That's why they placed the posters near (and even inside) music stores. And of course, most of the players probably were not Zakk Wylde, but still would be very pleasant and refreshing watch normal people play theyr instruments.
For me it's a really nice idea, especially because it's so hard to see good, well executed interactive offline campaigns. Congrats to everyone who was involved in the process.

4d l0v3r's picture
4d l0v3r
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Great way of advertising a rock radio. I'd try even if I couldn't play.

thedesignaddict's picture
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How many people just happen t be carrying around an electric guitar? Of those people, who is actually going to try this?

mary crazy's picture
mary crazy
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Even if people don´t plug, I think it would call attention for the piece of ad just for being different.
But I think people could play if they place it in the right locations (like the music store I saw in the video). Thumbs up!

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Hmm, some cute players, haha #fuén

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Drica Calmon
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It's very Rock'n'Roll, I like it a lot.

pablito.miuzzato's picture
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wow. now I felt a little jealous.

Djenzie's picture
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Great idea!!! Do people bring there own guitars?

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