3M / Post-it: Don't Forget Your Friends, Tabs

Advertising Agency: Profero London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Elspeth Lynn
Head of Art: Paul Hogarth
Art Director: Warren Frost
Copy Writer: Dave Newbold
Designers: Callum Loftus, Hayden Peek
Typographer: Alison Carmichael
Production Company: B-Reel

June 2010


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Phil Lestino
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AH good...there is a series......If you can forget friends because you haven't put it on a post-it, surely they are not very good friends?

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It that real? You could lose an eye or something if it's anything but paper (on the bottom right), and if it is indeed paper then it'll fly away once there's a light breeze...

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OMG this idea is as stolen as the fallen Madonna with the big boobies. The original concept was developed in the Netherlands by VIS free format communication in Valkenswaard. Also for Post-It, the dutch office. I still think this is a killer idea but would like to see the credits go where they belong: to VIS, NL.

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From: Van Draeckenstein

Hey guys, I don't want to spoil the party here, but this is too much credit for Profero IMAO. A couple of years ago, Post-It hired a dutch agency called VIS (free format communication)
to tell the Netherlands in a big way about PostIt. The blow-up of a PostIt note was conceived and the kick off was phenomenal. What Profero did here is nothing more or less than a
copy-paste move. Visit the VIS site (it's a giant scroller, so beware) and look somewhere in the upper right corner for their picture of the roll out. Check out www.vissig.nl

Oh and btw, they also won an award in 2007 for their idea...

Keep up the good work guys.

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