16400: Hannibal

Don't Be Scared of an Unknown Number. 16400

16400 is Finland’s most comprehensive contact information service who needed a tactical top of mind campaign. The fact is that we feel a call from an unknown number quite uncomfortable. We dramatized that insight and the result was concept Scary Numbers. Finnish cell phone numbers start very often with 050, so that is the visual key to understand that a cell phone number forms the mask.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Tommy Mäkinen
Art Director / Illustrator: Miika Kumpulainen
Copywriter: Juuso Kalliala

January 2013


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Nice. Good art.

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The art is good, but very confusing if you do not know what this is for,

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I don't get it.....

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nice art but wth is it for

Nice init

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Get Free Talk a...
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looks pretty.

pretty boring.

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