Zoho Pulse: Bring Life to your Workspace

Zoho Pulse is a social network for your company that lets your employees connect with each other, share ideas and collaborate securely, all in one place.

An idea that arose from the outlook of traditional organizational setup. This creative tries to put across the prevalent anxiety that employees have for the wall of hierarchy which bans the very basic emotion- 'Freedom'. The Silos, Monotony and boredom, imposed silence, Hesitations to express leads to drainage of great ideas, that signifies the same rigid organizational structure.
The advert metaphorically tries to express how an organization transforms with this idea of 'Bring Life to Your Work space' through coffee. The splash and ripple effect in the coffee signifies the spread of energetic change within the workplaces through this product.

Advertising Agency: Think Tall Films, London, United Kingdom
Script: Raffic Aslam, Preethi Varma, Indupriya Choudary
Sound Design: Kostas
Music: Chris Nairn
Editor: Carmen Navarro
D.O.P: Joan Bordera
Creative Director: Raffic Aslam
Director: Andy Edwards
Published: May 2013

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