ZMG - Marketing Association of German Newspapers: The President of the United States

The problem: How do you generate awareness for a can of soup no one knows or even cares about? The solution: The President of the United States! We used Barack Obama to sell millions of cans of soup. But, could we just hand him a can of soup? … Probably not. That’s why we just let him do what he does best: politics. First, Barack withdrew troops from Iraq and declared a nuclear-free world. That’s how he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Then, he proceeded to send the same troops to Afghanistan. He was the coolest President, the sportiest, the President who made Angela Merkel smile – almost. Everyone loved him. Everyone, but ... To increase his popularity with the target audience even more, he brought Osama bin Laden to justice.It was the perfect moment to bring the soup into play. But wait, Barack took it a step further. He let Edward Snowden get away and created a political thriller that kept the world in suspense for weeks! The result: millions of people read the newspaper and saw the ad for our can of soup. … Or for a clock. Or a dress. Or a TV, or, or, or ...
What happens in the world, happens for your ad.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Germany
Executive Creative Director: Matthias Storath
Creative Directors: Lothar Mueller, Nico Ammann, Matthias Storath
Art Directors: Nico Ammann, Constantin Camesasca, Annette Schmitt, Katja Anspann
Copywriters: Lothar Mueller, Joerg Schrod, Joerg Schaklies
Illustrator: Lorenzo Petrantoni
Account Management: Fabio Sanfilippo
Art Buying: Magda Ignatowski
Agency Producer: Oliver Kraege
Production Company: LIGA01
Motion Graphics: Nakil Shabani
Sound Studio: Pearls
Published: September 2013


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a waste.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Looks fun.

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